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How to Delete an Account

This article explains how to delete your account. To delete a Manychat Pro account, you must be the account owner. All other users can use the “leave” button.

You will need to complete all three steps in the following order:

  1. Cancel your subscription PRO
  2. Delete Team Members
  3. Remove Channels

Go to Settings → General → Delete Account at the bottom:

Deleting Pro account

Note: The modal is dynamic: it contains only up-to-date information about the actions to remove. If the user goes through the step, the item will disappear from the modal.

First, you need to cancel your subscription. Follow the link to unsubscribe. To learn more read here.

Important: Until the subscription expires, the user will not be able to delete the account. You will have to wait for it to complete.

Deleting Team Members

Click the link and delete each user. Remove each person separately.

Deleting channels

Go to each channel. Select “remove” сhannel and confirm the removal.

If you followed all the steps, enter “delete“ and delete the account.

And done! Congratulations!

Recovering your account

Your deleted account cannot be opened again. We will delete account data within 90 days after closure.