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Create a New Contact

To manually create a new Contact, go to “Contacts.”

Click the “Create New Contact” button in the upper right corner.
Fill out the fields in the “Create A New Contact” form. “Phone Number” and “Email” are required.


Before you send an SMS or email to a new contact, it's mandatory that you obtain their permission first.
Check the legal regulations specific to your country prior to initiating communication with your contact.

Important:  Enter the fields correctly because you will only be able to edit the “Phone Number” or “Email” after you’ve created the Contact.

Data validation rules:

Phone and Email are checked at the time of creation. If the data is incorrect, you cannot create a contact. Below is the description of how we check the data.


- The phone number is correct (we check the number of digits in the phone depending on the country. So if you enter more / fewer digits than there is in a specific country, contact will not be created);

- The phone number exists. We check if such a phone number exists and whether it is active. 


- Email is valid (if @ is missing, the contact will not be created).

If the entered Phone or Email is already assigned to another contact from your contact list, then you will not be able to create a contact with such data.