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Basic Automation Triggers

When you set up your Instagram Direct Message (DM) and Facebook Messenger automations, Basic Automations are the first flows you’ll want to explore.

We offer the following Basic Automation types for Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger:

Instagram DMs:

Default Reply

Story Mention Reply

Conversation Starters

Facebook Messenger:

Welcome Message

Default Reply

Conversation Starters

Main Menu

How to set up Basic Automation

The triggers for Basic Automations by channel can be found in the Automation tab on the left menu:

To create, edit, or attach an existing flow to your selected trigger, click one of the options:

This will take you into Flow Builder where you can edit the attached flow or replace this with an existing one by clicking ‘Replace’ in the top right corner:

If you want to replace a flow with an existing one or disconnect and reconnect a flow for Basic Automations, you'll see a list of your existing flows to choose from or you can click 'Create New Flow' in the top right corner to create a new one:

Please note: If you select an existing flow to attach to your trigger and make any edits, any automation that currently include this flow will also be updated. Duplicate the existing flow and attach a copy to edit this flow separately.

Be sure to check that any toggles for the Basic Automation trigger in your Starting Step are turned on and click ‘Publish’ from Flow Builder to preview and test your flows:

You can also access triggers for Basic Automations by going to your Settings tab in the side menu and selecting the channel: