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Issue: You need to connect more of your pages to Manychat, but when you click "Connect", you don't see other pages in the list of choices? It means that when you first connected your Facebook account to Manychat, you did not choose all of the pages that you manage on Facebook, but only a few of them. 

To connect new pages to Manychat, you have to be the Admin of these pages on Facebook (NOTE: 'Editor' role on FB is not enough to do that) - just click this button:

 Then, when the account is created, click Connect in the Dashboard section here:

In case you do not see all of the pages, please follow these steps:

1. Follow the link: to access the list of your Business Integrations of Facebook.

2. Under the Manychat app, click 'View and Edit' to see it's settings 

3. Scroll down a bit to find the permission to 'Show a list of the Pages you manage'. Once you activate it, it should look like this:

Here, you can check the boxes against each of the pages you need to make discoverable in your Manychat account. If you don't see such a list of pages don't worry, it only means the permission will be applied to all of your pages.

4. In addition to this permission, we also recommend you to activate 'Manage your Pages' permissions like so:

As soon as you save your settings, return to Manychat and try to connect pages again.
These permissions together should make all your pages discoverable by Manychat so you can always choose which ones to connect using the Manychat "Add New Page" option.

In case those steps didn't solve your problem, try the following:

  1. Log out of the Manychat and then log in again.
  1. You might be redirected to Facebook Business integration settings right away and asked to grant missing permissions. In that case, proceed to step 5. If that didn't happen don't worry and click on the "Add New Page" button in the list of your pages. Then click the Connect (or Join) button against the page you need to connect.

  2. At some point in going through step 2, you might get a warning message about missing permissions with a link taking you to Facebook Business integration settings.

  3. In the Facebook Business integrations settings for the Manychat App you should see this:  

The exact set of permissions may look different, but make sure that the "Manage your Pages" and "Manage your Business" ones are included!

Click OK to grant all permissions. You should be redirected back to Manychat and have no further problems with connecting pages. 

If the aforementioned steps didn't help, please check whether you have two-factor authentication set up for the page that doesn't appear in the list. If that's the case, make sure to set up two-factor authentication for your Facebook profile by following the instructions here. When two-factor authentication is enabled both for your profile and for the specific page, this page should start appearing in the list.

Also, please note that the pages that have already been connected can be added back by clicking the Join button on the Dashboard. Other pages that are already connected to the FB page by the Page Owner but do not currently have you on the list of admins will have the Request Access button. Clicking it will send a request to the current owner of that Manychat account. The owner can approve this request by clicking Approve in their Manychat account's Settings > Users.

If nothing mentioned above helped, please contact our support