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There's a number of issues you may come across when installing Checkbox Growth Tool or using it after the installation. If that's the case - don't worry, just read through this article to find a quick solution to your problem!

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Can’t install Checkbox on my site

If you're experiencing troubles while installing the Checkbox Growth Tool, please check the following requirements:

  1. You have successfully installed both Snippet and Checkbox Code onto your website:
  2. The Growth Tool Check below doesn't show any errors.

    If you are recommended using the MC.parse() method to pre-load the widget, you'll need to insert MC.parse() into your page source code strictly under the Checkbox.

  3. Check that your Growth Tool is Active:

  4. To avoid problems with Facebook moderation, make sure that your Checkbox usage complies with Facebook rules:

Opt-In message isn't sent

If your Checkbox Growth Tool doesn't send the Opt-In Message, check if the Flow that is used for the Opt-In Message is successfully published. Unpublished Flows will have a yellow dot in the name of the Flow near the Edit button: