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When there is a problem with the deliverability of the Broadcast, typically this issue is connected to the violation of Facebook Policies for Advertising and Messenger Platform or to the Broadcast settings.

Here are the main cases which might lead to getting your messages and Broadcasts blocked:

1. Admin used Non-Promotional Broadcast to send Promotional content. In Broadcasts, we have Non-Promotional Broadcasts and Promotional Broadcasts. In non-promotional broadcasts, you can send messages to all of your Facebook contacts, but it must not contain any Promotional Materials, such as advertisements, buy buttons, or links, and must also comply with the non-promotional Facebook Message Tags that you set in the Content-Type field.

Please note: Facebook Message Tags and One-Time Notifications (OTN) are ManyChat Pro features.

To promote or sell something, Admin needs to use Promotional Broadcasts — they can be sent only to contacts who interacted with the page in the last 24 hours in any way (sent a message or clicked a button). After 24 hours, you can only send them the support-related question through the Live Chat within 7 days after the engagement (such messages will automatically be tagged with the "HUMAN_AGENT" tag or engaging materials with the Non-Promotional Broadcast used with a proper tag. This is called a 24-hour window - you can learn more about it here.

Promotional broadcasts may contain any Promo materials, but they can only be sent to Facebook contacts who contacted your page within the last 24 hours. More info can be found here.

1a. Admin sent any links with the Non-Promotional broadcast (any links are treated by Facebook as Promotional content by default) or added links that weren't whitelisted in the Authorized Websites list in ManyChat 'Settings' => 'Growth Tools' tab in the Flow. We recommend adding all the links you use in all your Flows and Broadcasts to that list.

1b. Admin sent messages which get reported as spam by contacts or have an unusually high block rate from Facebook itself.

In the listed cases, Facebook might block:
- Broadcast for a portion of contacts and possibly unsubscribe them from the bot;
- Broadcast for all contacts and possibly unsubscribe them from the bot;
- messages in the Broadcast which specifically violate advertising rules;
- the broadcasting ability on your account for a period of up to 24 hours. In this case, you won't be able to send any broadcasts during this period even if they fit all the necessary requirements.

To learn more on how to stay compliant with FB's rules in your Broadcasts, check our blog posts below:
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Broadcasting Content

2. If you add Delay ('Typing') blocks to the first step of the Broadcast, you won't be able to send it at all.
The first step is the first block in the Broadcast - it also includes every block connected to it through the "Automatically Continue" step as well.

3. Your Non-Promotional Broadcast's tag did not match its content. In such cases, you need to re-check what exactly you are trying to send to contacts and select the tag that is the most appropriate for that Broadcast. The most commonly widespread tag is "Account Update".

4. If your broadcast wasn't sent at all, this means that according to the new Facebook policy some of your messages were not set correctly. ManyChat protects you from the risk of violating policies by blocking any untagged message sent to Facebook contact outside the 24-hour messaging window. Be it sequence, rule, or smart delay inside a flow, we will never send it to anyone who is not eligible based on their messaging window.

You can read more information on which tag to use here:

And read more info on how to make your Flow compliant to the new policy here:

How to check if my Flow is compliant with the new policy?

We've prepared three automatic features to check your bot and all Flows for compliance with new Facebook rules:
1. Flow Checker that can be found inside every Flow. It will show you the messages that must be tagged to be correctly sent to your contacts.
2. Dashboard Warning will alert news about any attempts to send non-compliant messages. It will show the Flow and the number of attempts too!
3. ManyChat will automatically block all such messages inside so the bot wouldn't violate any rules. You'll be able to review the errors in the Flow and fix them before the next sending!
Flow Checker is a tool that shows you messages in the Flow that might not be sent to your Facebook contacts due to the upcoming Messenger policy changes - any message that is sent to the contact beyond 24 hours and not tagged with an appropriate tag will be blocked by ManyChat. We will do it to prevent you from violating policies.

Flow Checker highlights messages:

1. Starting from the Starting Step to the first interaction with the bot (buttons or User Input) if the Flow is triggered by a Sequence, Rule, or anything that might fire for the contact beyond 24 hours.
2. After any Smart Delays. The Flow Checker cannot track its duration, so such messages will always be highlighted by the tool.
3. After the "Start another Flow" steps. The Flow Checker cannot track what's inside of this step.

If you are still seeing the error that messages are still being sent outside 24 hours, but you've fixed the Flow issues and tagged all messages already, that means that the problem lies in the method used for sending out the specific Flow and its messages.

Flow Checker will highlight all the messages that have the risk to be blocked if you are sending them outside 24 hours. 
Dashboard Warning alerts you about actual attempts to do that.

For example, if you are trying to send the message without a tag or with the "Other" tag outside 24 hours, it's still a violation. A message with the "Other" tag is supposed to be sent only inside a 24-hour window as the messages with no tag.

What can be done to fix the Dashboard Warning and make it disappear?

1. Check how you sent the Flow: if you've attempted to send it through a Broadcast or a Rule or a Sequence outside 24 hours and it contained messages like that, that's a violation and that's why we alerted you about that.
2. Check all messages of the Flow: make sure that you did not send any message with the wrong tag: in other words, that all sent messages are tagged properly, according to the content of the message itself.
3. Check Smart Delays: make sure that none of them have the risk to send the message after 24 hours when the Delay is ended.
4. When there will be no attempts to send messages like that in 24 hours, the warning will disappear!

Timing Issues

1. Keep in mind that Broadcasts take some time to get sent: the more contacts a certain page has, the longer it might take to send your Broadcast to everyone in the list of recipients. If you see that your Broadcast got stuck at some percent of contact - just give it a bit more time.

2. Check the time settings: if you choose the 'Time Travel' option, it means that the Broadcast will be sent only when the sending time matches the contact's timezone, reaching everyone in 24 hours.