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ManyChat Live Chat is a tool that allows you to communicate with your contacts via Instagram, WhatsApp Automation, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS right in ManyChat:

  • Send messages
  • Join a conversation
  • Answer questions
  • Manage contact's data manually (add Tags, subscribe to Sequences, add Custom Field value, etc.)
  • Merge contacts
  • Send payment links

NOTE: Effective December 10, 2020, new Free accounts were limited to 1,000 contacts, which include subscribed, unsubscribed, and deleted contacts. After the 1,000 contact limit,  Free accounts aren't allowed to send messages to their contacts through configured automations, Live Chat, and Broadcasts. You need to upgrade from the Free to the Pro plan to continue using Live Chat if you have more than 1,000 contacts. 

Live Chat Behavior

Go to Settings → Live Chat to manage the behavior. Select an option:

  • If you choose Any message starts a conversation, new messages from the contact will go in the Unassigned folder.
  • If you choose Conversation should be opened explicitly, new messages will go in the Closed Folder. 

If you select the second option, the conversation will go in the Unassigned folder only when the Marked conversation as Unassigned Action is performed, otherwise, it will be always marked as Closed.

You'll need to add Notify admin and Mark conversation as Unassigned actions in the appropriate section of the flow. You'll be notified about this action and the conversation will appear in the Unassigned folder of your Live Chat.


Live Chat Section consists of three columns: the list of your contacts, omnichannel conversation, and contact panel. The page icon nearby shows conversations assigned to you and your teammates. 

Left column

There are 4 folders between which you can switch:

  1. Unassigned folder. All new messages from your contacts will get into this folder, so you won’t miss new leads. 
  2. Assigned folder. As soon as an agent replies to a conversation, you assign it manually via Live Chat or automatically within Action in flows, the thread goes to the Assigned folder. 
  3. Closed folder. When you mark a conversation as Closed, it will go to the Closed folder accordingly. 
  4. All folder. If you want to see all the conversations in one list, regardless of the status, go to the All folder.

You can also sort your conversations by Newest/Oldest. 

Select the desired contact to see the conversation. 

Middle column

The middle column shows the conversation. You can assign it to someone and reopen it in case it was closed. Your bot messages are marked with the bot icon and can be hidden with the icon on the top. This allows you to find all the messages sent by page admins.

Right column

The right column (Contact Panel) shows all the information collected during past conversations.

  • See contact's information (profile picture, full name, status, gender, language, and timezone)
  • See all channel's history (Instagram DM, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and SMS)
  • Manage Tags
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe from Sequences
  • See how this contact opted in
  • Manage Custom User Fields values
  • Unsubscribe this contact, download and delete their data

Note: you will see SMS chat if you: enabled SMS channel in Settings and your particular contact has a phone number (in the system field) and enabled SMS opt-in. SMS feature is paid: 0.01$ for outgoing SMS (incoming messages are free). 

Merge duplicate contacts

Use the Merge contact to link a Facebook contact who has a duplicate record in another channel. This will reduce the number of duplicate email and SMS records that a customer can have via Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Note: you need a ManyChat PRO plan to merge contacts. 

Learn more about contacts merge in this article.


By default, threads are displayed according to the time of the last message from the contact. The latest dialogues will appear on top. Older ones will appear below. Every time you reply to the contact, the conversation will be automatically moved to the top of the list.
Timestamps indicate the time the last message was manually sent by the contact. If the contact didn't write anything to the page, just clicking buttons in the bot's flows, there will be no timestamp at all. These dialogues will be displayed under conversations with manual activity from the contact.


Use the drop-down menu below to assign (or unassign) a conversation to yourself or one of your teammates. Track assignments in the drop-down menu on the left of the Section header.

Pause Automation

This option allows you to stop all bot messages while communicating with your contact. As soon as you message them back, a 30-minute pause is activated and your contact will only receive manually sent messages from an Admin or Live Chat Agent for 30 minutes. Keywords won't trigger during this period. Upon activation, the pause icon is on the profile picture in the conversation section. To increase the duration and activate it, go to the Contact panel. 

If the subscribed contact was in the flow at the time, all the messages will be sent to the end of the flow or the closest interruption: for example, Delay or Smart Delay.
If the Delay is activated before or during the pause automation, messages will be sent only at the end of the pause. 


Search for conversations and see the details and history. You can use two symbols (but not special symbols such as &,$,$, etc.) to start your search. 


Notes help you manually mark your contacts, add a description and other notes to share with your team members, or add some clarifications/reminders for yourself. Use the Notes tab to add information. 

Use @ to mention and notify a team member. If you’re the only Admin, you can always mention yourself to receive a reminder in Messenger.

Hide Messages from the Automation

This feature hides all the automation messages in the conversation so that you can focus only on the messages your contacts manually typed to your page. 

Note: hide messages from bot feature also hides the Keywords and button clicks from your contacts. This happens because such messages are also part of the automation. 

Send Flow 

This feature lets you send a specific Flow to the subscribed contact without having to create additional automation. It applies to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram channels. 

Click the Send Flow icon at the bottom of the conversation, select a Flow and click Send This Flow:

Note: Instagram Live Chat doesn't have a paper clip icon because it's unable to add non-image files, unlike Facebook Live Chat.  

Once the flow is sent, you will see a Flow sent system message with the flow’s name in the contact’s conversation:

NOTE: if ‘Pause Automation’ is on, it will be automatically deactivated once you send a flow:


You can send products directly to your customers in Live Chat for an efficient shopping experience. When they’re ready to buy, use the Products feature to quickly close the sale for a seamless automated transaction in one view. 

Note: you need a ManyChat Pro plan that connects to Stripe or Paypal.

Learn more about the product catalog in this article.


This feature allows you to personalize conversations in your bot. Enable it in Settings to let your contacts know who replies back. Once it's activated, your contacts will see the agent's name and their profile picture which will be auto-populated from Facebook.

This is useful for a variety of use cases, such as customer care where you collaborate with several team members. Personas will help you make the conversations more transparent and build a better customer experience.

Note: personas are only supported in the Messenger channel.

Canned Responses (Formerly Snippets)

Canned Responses are pre-populated answers sent to contacts in Live Chat with just one click. Save valuable time answering frequently asked questions with a set of prepared replies instead of typing the same information again. Choose from a selection of Canned Responses you can easily create and manage at any time.

Send a Canned Response

To send a Canned Response you already created, go to Live Chat. Click on the icon to open the search window.

Search the drop-down list. Type the name of the Canned Response (also known as Shortcut) or part of its message. Click on the desired response, and its corresponding message reply will populate the text window.  Click Send or Send & Close.

Create a Canned Response

Click on + New in the upper right to create a new Canned Response. To edit or remove it,  click Manage which will open in Settings.

Create in Settings

You can also create a Canned Response in Settings. Go to Settings → Live Chat. Scroll down to Canned Response. Click the blue button + New Canned Response. Type the Shortcut (name) and the entire message. You can also edit or delete the Canned Response.

Mobile support

Live Chat is supported on mobile devices which means you can manage your conversations in a browser on your mobile device from almost anywhere. Go to on your mobile device to manage conversations.

You can also download the ManyChat app for iOS. Manage Live Chat conversations, contacts' data like Tags, Sequences, Custom Field value, etc. More functionality is on the way!