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Protected Templates

Now, when creating and sharing a Template has become a big deal among experienced bot builders, we are happy to introduce the way to protect your intellectual property — meet Protected Template!

How it works

By protecting your Template, you make sure that the user that installs it on their account cannot edit it or share it with someone else. Or both — it’s up to you to decide on how private you want your content to be!

Another feature that makes you feel total control over your setups is being able to see the list of accounts whose admins have ever installed your Template — how cool is that?

How to create a protected Template

First things first — start building your Template by selecting Flows and other automation that you want it to contain. Here you can find a step-by-step guide in case you are feeling lost!

Once you proceed to the Final Steps, you will see the “Protect template” toggle. That is where the power lies!

Let’s check out the options that will keep your Template safe:

Lock for editing — this feature protects the Template from editing, copying, and viewing. When it’s activated, a user will see the message below upon clicking on a protected item:

Remote control lets you view the list of accounts that have ever had the Template installed. To access the list, head to the protected Template and click the “View Installations” button:

And last but not the least — to prevent a person from sharing your Template further, you can generate a single-use link to the installation page. You can do it right after the Template is fresh out of the oven:

Or on the Template’s page:

Easy, isn’t it? No more worries about your knowledge gathered through years being stolen!