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How To Delete Templates

If you want to learn more about creating and installing Templates check these articles:

Deleting Templates from your Bot is quite simple! Let's take a closer look. 

Checking Installed Templates

Navigate to Settings > Installed Templates to see the list of all Templates you have installed. All templates have a Name and Installed by parameters. The second one shows which account Admin has installed a specific Template.

Deleting Template

Let's say, I want to delete Test Template as I have already installed ManyChat Restaurant Template and I love it more.

Click on the Test Template and open it. In the upper-right corner, you will see the three dots icon. Clicking on it will open a context menu. Here you can see the red bin with the "Uninstall" mark. This is what you need to click.

Make sure to check this pop-up window:

As you can see this action will delete all main bot content

  • Flows
  • Sequences
  • Keywords
  • Growth Tools and Folders. 

Also, all your Flows that are connected to Template Flows won't work properly anymore, you will need to redesign them.

This can't be reversed! So make sure that you really want to delete your Template.

You can choose to save or delete additional Template content: Bot Fields, User Fields, and Tags. This means all contact data you have collected will also be removed. Make sure to download CSV with CUFs if you need them!

If you choose to delete Main Menu this element will be fully reset, which means you will need to design new Main Menu from scratch. 

After selecting options that suit you simply click Uninstall and the Template will disappear from the list.

That's all about deleting Templates, hope that helps!