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Getting started with Zapier

Zapier Integration | How To Activate Trigger Zap Action |

Zapier Integration

From this article, you will learn how to connect your ManyChat Account to Zapier to automate tasks with other web apps.

Zapier allows you to connect ManyChat to Google Sheets, Slack, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and 750+ other apps. This gives you unlimited opportunities for using our Messenger marketing platform together with your favorite CRM and email marketing services:

- add a lead in your CRM when you get a new subscriber in ManyChat.
- ask a subscriber for an email / phone number inside the bot and add it to your email marketing service / CRM.
- register subscribers to a webinar with 1 tap.

and much more.

To see if your app can connect to ManyChat through Zapier click here!

Supported Triggers, Actions and Searches

Supported Triggers

  • New or Updated Custom Field — Triggers when you add/update a selected Custom Field for a user.
  • New Subscriber — Triggers when a user subscribes to your page.
  • New Tagged User — Triggers when a new Tag is added to a user.
  • New “Trigger a Zap” Event — Triggers when your bot sends the “Trigger a Zap” event.
  • Chat Opened — Triggers when a chat is opened with a user.

Supported Actions

  • Subscribe User to Sequence — Subscribes a user to a Sequence.
  • Unsubscribe User From Sequence — Unsubscribes a user from a Sequence.
  • Send Text Message to User — Sends a text message to a user.
  • Set Custom Field — Adds or updates a custom field value for a user.
  • Add Tag to User — Adds a Tag to a user.
  • Remove Tag From User — Removes a Tag from a user.
  • Send Content to User — Allows admins to trigger whole flows right from Zapier that have pictures, videos, cards, User Inputs and Delays.

Supported Searches

  • Find User by Name — Finds a user by name.
  • Find User by ID — Finds a user by ID.
  • Find User by Custom Field — Allows admins to find users inside their ManyChat list by email without having to sync User IDs between systems.

How to Get Started with ManyChat on Zapier.

To create your first Zap with ManyChat, click “Connect an Account” button and select one of your pages. Keep in mind that your page has to have Pro Subscription. 

Select one of your accounts and press “Connect” (your Free Subscription accounts will show up with “Upgrade to PRO” button). The selected account will be added to your Zapier so you can use it in this Zap or connect a new one.

Test your connection with “Test” button to make sure your account is successfully synced. After you create a Trigger, Zapier will fetch one of the page's Admins to run a test (Zapier will use them as a sample only) - make sure this profile meets your Trigger conditions.

Once you create your Zap and complete all the steps, you will see the last pop-up where you can name your Zap and activate it.

Common problems

Error: No subscribers with tag found.

Make sure you have at least one subscriber with a selected Tag.

Error: No subscribers with Custom Field found.

Make sure you have at least one subscriber with a selected Custom Field.

Error: Custom Field not found.

Make sure you have this Custom Field in a selected account.

Error: Page is not active.

Check if your page is active and has no permissions error (go to Settings>Refresh Permissions to restore page connection).

Error: Required field is missing.

You may get this error if a user's Custom Field is empty because a previous step didn’t provide the data it needed or you changed the Custom Field's name in your ManyChat account. Fetch user data from your first step to proceed.

Error: Can’t add/remove Tag.

This subscriber already has this Tag / this Tag was already removed.

Error: Can’t subscribe user to Sequence/unsubscribe user from Sequence.

This user was already subscribed/unsubscribed from that Sequence.

Error: More than one user found.

More than one user meets your search criteria.

Error: Page is not PRO.

Your subscription in ManyChat was expired or canceled. 

Now try connecting your ManyChat Account and making your first Zap!

How to activate Trigger Zap action

Once you connect Zapier to your ManyChat account, "Trigger Zap" action will show up in the list of actions:

In case you cannot see the action, probably the connection between Zapier and ManyChat was lost. Updating/re-connecting it will help "Trigger Zap" appear.
I don't see Zapier in the list of integrations
Zapier is not listed in the list of integrations due to the fact that it is an intermediary-type of application, unlike ActiveCampaign, GoogleSheets, and others. Zapier allows integrating ManyChat with a side app without having to use the Integrations tab.