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MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is a powerful email service provider. ManyChat + MailChimp integration allows you to add or update a contact to MailChimp to one of the existing lists.

Setting up an Integration

Go to Settings > Integrations and click Connect MailChimp Account button.

Connect ManyChat to your MailChimp account by entering your MailChimp login and password on a MailChimp page. 

Make sure to authorize ManyChat to allow acces to your account:

As a result, you'll see "Link email field" message which means your accounts have been linked successfully (you can unlink them at anytime with Disconnect button). Now you have to select Custom User Field which contains user’s email to identify MailChimp Contacts. 

That's it!

To add or update contact in a List use the special MailChimp action in your Flow or Rule. Create an Action Step and select MailChimp Actions in the drop-down menu.

Select 'Add Contact to a List' Action and specify the desired MailChimp List. 

Preview your Flow to make sure the integration works fine. As a result, you'll get a new contact in a chosen MailChimp List.