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Flow Converter - Convert channels

ManyChat is a multi-channel platform that allows you to interact with your subscribed contacts via  Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email, and Instagram. And sometimes you may need similar flows for different channels. For example, your may need to have the same product descriptions, campaigns, set of keywords for different channels. But setting all these flows for all the channels could be a time-consuming task. In ManyChat you can do it with just one button click.

How does it work?

Here we have a welcome flow for Facebook Messenger and we want to apply the same flow for Instagram.

1. On the upper right hand corner, we go to the three dots "More" button, and select the "Convert channels" item.

2. Next, we see the modal window with two columns. The left column shows us what channel content we have in the flow. The right column allows us to select the channel to convert to.

3. We select the channel that we need.

4. Press "Duplicate and convert"

5. Now, we can see the newly duplicated and converted flow.

Please pay attention to the green alert notifying you that flow might have lost blocks in the transition process. Some blocks aren't supported in all channels and might be lost during transfer.

These are the available block types for different channels that are avail:

  • Text, Image block – for all channels (except the MMS outside the US).
  • Button – Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp.
  • Quick Reply – Messenger, Instagram, SMS (will convert to contact reply).
  • Card and Gallery, Delay – Messenger and Instagram (will convert to waiting).
  • Audio, Video, File, Dynamic, OTN blocks – only Messenger.
  • User input type will convert to the text type if the original type is not supported in the target channel.
  • All variables (last seen, last interaction, opt-in, opt-out variables) will be transfer without any changes.
  • All triggers except the keywords will be transferred without any changes.

Please, check if the flow has gaps and edit it before publishing.