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SMS Pricing & A2P 10DLC Update

Starting September 1st 2021, new updated SMS pricing and registration process to meet the requirements of the new SMS A2P 10DLC regulations imposed by US carriers will be implemented. 

Here’s what is changing:

Due to market changes, we will be raising the cost of SMS messages from $0.01 per message to $0.011 per message on September 1st for US and Canadian phone numbers.

The second update is that all businesses that send messages to US customers must register their business with the phone carriers and submit a category for the types of campaigns they'll be running.

Twilio alongside with the US carriers classify brands as Standard and Starter depending on the average number of messages they send per day.

What is a Standard Brand?

A Standard Brand will have the opportunity to send 3,000+ messages per day on all non T-Mobile carriers and will have a large limit on T-Mobile based on secondary vetting. Registering as a Standard Brand requires your business name, address, identity, type, status, registration number, industry, website, region of operations, and authorized point of contact plus secondary fees to pay (ManyChat covers these fees). 

What is a Starter Brand?

A Starter Brand will have the opportunity to send up to 2,999 messages per day on all carriers. Registering as a Starter Brand requires your business name, address, and authorized point of contact. 

More information on requirements can be found here.

Why are these changes happening?

These changes are happening to protect the end user from malicious and spam SMS messages and to reduce carrier filtering for a better delivery rate. By not submitting the correct information to Twilio and the phone carriers, your business will be subject to stricter message filtering and a worse delivery rate.

ManyChat as a Twilio partner will onboard your company into 10DLC, fill in this form and we got you covered. Fill out this form to start your application if you're a Standard brand, and this form if you're a Starter brand.