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Instagram Comments Growth Tool

It can be challenging to quickly reply to each comment on your posts, which is why the Comments Growth Tool is such a powerful feature to help you process all of your incoming messages. With this tool, you can set up automated messages to send as responses to comments on your posts, and you can even create different messages to respond to different types of comments.


How to Set Up the Comments Growth Tool

  • Go to your ManyChat account and select —> Automation —> Flows —> New Flow.

  • Open the Flow Builder

  • Click Add Trigger —> Instagram Triggers —> Instagram Comments.

  • In the Comment Growth Tool settings, you can choose specific posts (and even specific comments on posts) to trigger message Flows, or create an automation that will trigger on all posts. Please note that the Instagram Comment Growth Tool is currently available only for regular posts. It will not work for Instagram Ads, Reels, IGTV, and IG live due to current API limitations.

  • Click on the drop-down to choose "A specific post" or "All posts."

  • From there, you can edit the message node to create your corresponding Flow. 

  • After you've created the Flow, click "Publish" to set it in motion. You can also preview the Flow by clicking on the "Preview" button.


Within the Instagram Comments tools, you can now reply directly below a comment publicly on a post. To do so:

  • Click into the Instagram Comments tool
  • Select the specific post for the tool and click on "Auto-Response"

  • From here, enter in the response that you would want to display to people who comment on your post

This is a great spot to quickly send someone a discount code or thank them for engaging on your posts!

Please note that you need permission to use the Auto-Response feature.


Due to existing technical limitations, for the time being, the first message after the Comments Growth Tool must be a single text message. 

This means:

  • The CGT opt-in message should be an Instagram message node
  • You are not able to create 2 text messages in the same message node.
  • You are not able to use conditions or tags prior to the first step message.
  • You are not able to use User Input and Typing Delays in the message node.
  • The CGT opt-in message cannot automatically continue to a message block. Try using a button or a Quick Reply instead:

If the target user does not receive the opt-in message after commenting under your post – please check whether or not they are following your IG account. If they are not – they had likely received the message request instead of the opt-in message itself.

You can see message requests in your inbox. Requests are direct messages from accounts that you don’t follow. You can choose to accept or deny these requests, and request messages aren’t marked as “seen” until you accept them.

If you tap on All Requests, you can select Top Requests to see your requests organized by important accounts. You can also move accepted messages into the Primary or General tabs.