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Shopify Customer Data Import


This feature allows you to automatically create ManyChat customers, based on the data provided by the connected Shopify store.


  • Connect your shop to ManyChat in Settings > Integrations of ManyChat

How it works

  • Customer visits your Shopify store and completes the checkout
  • They must on the"Keep me up to date..." checkbox - otherwise we will not import this customer's data, in order not to violate privacy policy

  • A few seconds after you will find a new contact in your "Contacts" tab

  • Click on that customer and you will see that we imported their First and Last Names and an Email, which they pointed as contact information. Additionally, we automatically opted-in this new contact for Email channel
    • Of course, the same is legit for Phone numbers and SMS channel

  • Please, note: if there already is a contact with the same email/phone as we received from the "Contact information" field - a new contact won't be created.

Receiving additional Data

  •  As soon as you've got working Shopify Email/Phone import - you can set it up to receive additional data.

Let's give it a look:

  • Raw data - you can manually download a raw JSON file, which we actually receive from Shopify. There are lots of amazing data - if you need something from there to complete a use case, let us know via this beautiful website
  • Account state- shows if this customer signed in your Shopify store. There are 4 possible states:
    • Disabled - customer haven't created an account yet
    • Invited - Shopify sent an email to this customer with a verification link to activate an account
    • Declined - customer clicked a "Decline" button inside the email
    • Enabled - customer successfully created an account in your Shopify store
  • Shopify ID - customer's id in your Shopify store, and also a link directing to this customer's page in your store admin section
  • Accepts marketing - will always be a "Yes", since we don't import those customers who said "No"
  • Last Checkout ID - a link directing to this checkout's page in our store admin section. If checkout has become an order - you'll be redirected to the corresponding order's page

Once the customer is created, you may start interacting with them. Here are some automation tips:

  • Use new fields in Conditions - to create a unique experience in Flows or to segment your Contacts

  • Use them in Rules to be always aware of the recent activity

  • Use them in text messages as context variables to receive more information

Combine those methods for the best result! You can also search for creative solutions in our community on Facebook - there are lots of experienced users.