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Coupon Campaigns for Shopify

ManyChat allows you to create Coupon Campaigns that will be automatically synced over to your Shopify store without ever having to leave ManyChat. You can find them in Settings -> Coupon Campaigns

Offering discounts can be a powerful marketing strategy for your Shopify store that will engage and motivate your contacts for taking actions. You can create different Campaigns like Christmas Sale, Black Friday Sale, Welcome series, Abandoned Cart, and so on. You will see that your contacts will love it!

Unique and Static Coupons

As part of a Coupon Campaign, you can send Discount Coupons to your contacts. There are two types of Coupons: Unique and Static.

Unique Coupons are personalized for each contact. So each contact will receive a unique personal code. We will generate a random code for each person, but you can also specify a Prefix that will go before every code by adding it. You can even use the First and Last names of your contact or any other CUF in Prefix for a more personal touch.

Static Coupons are the same for each contact. You can also specify it.

Both Coupons are only one-time. So each contact will receive a code that they can use only once.

Please note! As of right now, there is no function to edit and remove coupon campaigns and there is also no way to manage the coupons that have already been given away. We will add this feature in future updates.

If you'd like the Coupon Campaigns to stop giving away coupons – you need to remove the corresponding coupon from the flows where it is located. If you'd like the already given away coupons to stop being operational – go to your Shopify Store and disable them. Also, make sure to first remove corresponding coupons from the flows as described above.

How to create a New Coupon Campaign

To create a new Coupon Campaign, go to Settings -> Coupon Campaigns and click Create Campaign. Firstly name this Campaign, so that in the future, you can refer to it.
Note: this is just the name of the campaign and NOT the actual Coupon that contacts will receive. 

Here you can choose the Coupon Type as well.

Now it is time to create Unique Coupons for this Campaign. Choose the discount type and the value you'd like to use. You can also select the expiration time of the coupon (the countdown starts from the moment you send the coupon to the contact). We will generate a random code for every person, but you can specify a Prefix that will go before every code. You can use System Fields and CUFs for more personal touch. After that, just click Create Campaign.

Please note! Coupons created in ManyChat will appear in the coupon section of your Shopify store only after they get sent to one of your contacts at least once.

If you selected a Static Coupon, you can specify the Coupon Code that each contact will receive.

How to add a Coupon Campaign to your flows

You can implement Coupon Campaign in any of the channels: Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Email. Adding a Coupon Campaign to your flows takes just a few minutes.

You can add a Coupon Campaign to any text element. First, click on the element you'd like to edit and then click on the % icon below the text box editor. From there, click on the Coupon Campaign you'd like to add, or create a new Coupon Campaign.

Adding a coupon to Abandoned Cart

You can also give the discount code to a product in Shopify customer’s Abandoned Cart. Just create Abandoned Cart Reminder flow, select Abandoned Cart Trigger, connect it to “Send Message” node and add “Cart” block which will redirect your contact to Abandoned Cart or to Checkout Step depending on where they left your store. 

If you add “Cart” block, “Open Shopify Store” button will be automatically created. Click on this button, and you will see popover appeared. Here you can specify your Shopify Store page where your contact will go when they click on this button. You can also add a Coupon Campaign by enabling the corresponding toggle. You can select the existing coupon that was created in Settings or create a new one.

Adding a coupon to SMS

As well as you can add a coupon in Messenger and Email blocks, it’s possible to give a discount in the SMS. To do that, simply create a new SMS node, click on “Link to another step” button and select “Open Shopify Store” button. The settings of this button are the same as in Messenger or Email node.

Don’t forget to capture the contacts with one of our Growth Tools, for example Overlay Modal, so that Abandoned Cart Reminder will work.

Coupon Campaign Statistics

You can create and manage your Coupon Campaigns in Settings.
We are tracking all important information so you can understand the effectiveness of each Coupon Campaign.