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ManyChat Widgets on WordPress

1. Finding the JS-snippet

To install a widget on a WordPress website you'll need to add it to the Authorize Websites list in the first place:

Next thing you want to do is add JavaScript Snippet into the <head> of every web page - you can find it under the Setup tab of the widget settings:

2. Managing your WordPress control panel

You can install Insert Headers and Footers plugin that allows you to manage your <head> scripts - go to Plugins > Add New, find the plugin and activate it.

Once it's done, head to Settings and select Insert Headers and Footers. You will find the sections Scripts in Header and Scripts in Footer.

The first section is where you need to insert the JS Snippet:

NOTE: you should insert the JS Snippet only once.

If it's an embeddable widget, you will also need to insert the Embed Code:

Head to Posts on the sidebar, choose the post you want to have your widget in and insert the Embed Code as HTML where you'd like it to be displayed. Below is an example of how you can add Checkbox widget:

Update the post, make sure the widget is activated in ManyChat and check out your website:

And voila, you're done! :)

In case you are still experiencing issues with the widget displaying properly, please try using the Check instrument of that widget. More on the Check feature can be found here.