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ManyChat Widgets on ClickFunnels

Installing ManyChat Growth Tools on Clickfunnels websites might be a bit complicated. However, this simple instruction should help you in this task - let's go with the 'Checkbox' Growth Tool in this article:

1. Create a snippet using "Text Block" option:

2. Use an "Open Text Editor" feature:

3. Enter the "HTML Code" mode by clicking the button in the upper-left corner, copy the widget code from the ManyChat account into the text field and click on the "Update" button:

After these actions the “Checkbox” Growth Tool will appear on your website. 

It's important to mention that the widget might not be seen in the Clickfunnels edit mode. This is happening because "Text Block" doesn't have any content in it (except for the HTML code). However, you always can find this widget by opening an "Elements" tab > "Manage" and you 'll see the "Text Block" that includes the  “Checkbox” Growth Tool in it.