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My Account provides you a quick overview of how all of your pages are doing. You can visit it by clicking on "My Account” in the bottom of the left side bar

This section contains following info about each page:

  • Name
  • Subscription aka Pro status (Pro, Free or Expired)
  • Your role at this page
  • Open Live Chats
  • Subscribers


Search and sort: You can search pages by the name or sort them by each of the column by pressing on column title.

Add a new page: In case you need to connect a new page, just press “+ Add New Page” button

Log out: to log out or change verified email click on your name in upper-right corner

Go to page: If you would like to go to any of the pages, just click anywhere on it’s row

What each column means:

  • If connection to any of your pages is lost, this page will be showed at the top of the list. To reconnect page click on "Reconnect” button
  • Subscription: shows bot subscription status: Free for free, Pro for pro, Exp for “Expired” (is showed during first 30 days after your payment has failed, then changes to “Free”)
  • Role: shows your ManyChat and Fb role at the page. Learn more about Roles here
  • Open Live Chats: shows how many LiveChat threads are opened on each page
  • Subscribers: shows actual number of people subscribed to your bot