How to send a message to people who didn't click a button sent by the bot

If you're wondering how to set up a reminder/follow-up to users who didn't click on a certain button sent by your bot - here's a solution for you

1. Create a "Subscribe to sequence" Action block and attach it with "Automatically continue" option to the step with the button you want users to click. Add your 'Reminder Sequence' to the "Subscribe to Sequence" Action.
2. Attach the "Add Tag" Action to the button mentioned above. You can name the Tag something like "clicked_button".
3. Go back to the Reminder Sequence and create a Condition Block in it that would be "Tag is/isn't". Set it up so that if the Tag isn't "clicked_button", the Sequence will continue, and if the Tag is "clicked_button" - the user is unsubscribed from this Sequence. Make this Condition Block the Starting Step of the Sequence.

Hopefully this helps!

Note: The solution above won't work for the URL Link and Call buttons!