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ManyChat Flows Manager is the main storage of all your Flows that allows you to view, edit, and manage them. Let's learn how to do this.


Here are main Flow Manager's elements.

1. Search Flows by a name.
2. Create a New Flow.
3. Toggle view button allows you to switch between flow views.
4. Folders help you organise your Flows.
5. Smart Folders store your current bot automations.
6. Your Flows with the stats and additional information.
7. Actions button allows you to perform actions with your Flows.
8. Trash stores your deleted Flows.

Toggle view

Click Toggle View button to switch between list and thumbnails.

Actions Overview

Click the button with 3 dots to open the context menu that allows you to perform actions with your Flows.

Context menu allows you to perform the following actions:

- Rename. Change the Flow name.

- Duplicate. Clone your Flow to the same folder.

- Share this Flow. Share the Flow as an image or with the link to an interactive Flow that can be previewed in Messenger.

- Copy to Another Page. Copy this Flow to another page you manage.

- Delete. Move this Flow to Trash.

Rename, Duplicate, Move to Trash and Delete from trash

These are self-explanatory, just spend some time playing with Renaming, Cloning and moving your Flows to trash. All Triggers within a Flow will be also duplicated or removed to trash (you can always restore your deleted Flows and Triggers from Trash, there is no way to delete the Flow completely unless you change its contents).

To permanently delete Flow from Trash folder, open Trash, click on 3 dots menu -> select “bin” icon and confirm Flow deletion. Please note, all Triggers within this Flow will be also permanently deleted.

Note: permanent deletion means that Flows and Triggers will be deleted forever with no way to restore, so make sure you use this feature cautiously

Flow Channels

Flow channels are the little icons indicating where that flow is going to be sending messages.


The blue Messenger icon indicates that there are messages a user is going to be receiving via Messenger.

The purple Email icon indicates there are Emails that will be sending out to a user in that flow.

The green SMS icon indicates that there are SMS messages a user will be receiving, provided he submitted his phone number.

Flow Sharing (Share this Flow)

Flow Sharing feature allows you to share your Flows with a client or a community of friendly bot builders. It allows you to export it as a PNG file or create an interactive Flow that can be previewed in anyone's Messenger. You can also turn on the ability to save the shared flow to their ManyChat account.

Click Share this Flow button in the context menu. Click Download PNG button to get the picture or turn Enable Sharing toggle to get the link or embed code.

Enable Sharing allows you to get the Link that gives access to this Flow with a preview in Messenger option. You can also get the Embed Code and insert it in your website or blog so your visitors can navigate and preview it right from your web page (it's also possible to specify the dimensions so it fits your page fine).

Activate Allow viewers to clone this Flow checkbox to allow cloning it to their account (please note that Actions and attached Flows won't be copied at the moment).

As soon as you activate Enable Sharing option, you can access this Flow with the link and send it to someone. And that's what they'll get:

Copy to Another Page

This feature allows you to copy the Flow to another page you manage. Use context menu to clone the Flow to your other page connected to ManyChat. Keep in mind that if you have Pro elements in your source Flow, the receiving page should have Pro subscription as well to use them.

At this moment, Copy to Another Page feature doesn't support copying Actions (Tags, Custom User Fields, Sequence Subscriptions, etc.) and Messages from other Flows (for example, Flows attached to the current one with Go-To Step won't be copied).

Choose a target page to proceed:

As soon as your Flow is copied to another page, you'll get a Success Message. Now you can find this Flow in the receiving page of Flows Manager, it will show up as Imported.

If you want to copy the entire bot, please use our Bot Cloning feature.

Folder navigation

Tree view panel gives you the overview of your folder hierarchy. By clicking on right arrow icon next to folder name you will be able to expand it and see all subfolders it contains. In order to view Flow contents in grid or list view on the right side of the screen you need to click on folder name.

Creating new folder

In order to create new folder, navigate to the parent folder you want it to be created in and click Add folder button. Note that full path to the parent folder is visible above that button.

Moving folder

If you need to put a folder into another folder simply click on it and drag, while holding your left mouse/touchpad button until it overlaps your target folder and drop it there by releasing button. You can also drag and drop folders in folder's tree on the left.

Renaming folder

All folders can be renamed. Entering name editing mode is possible either from folder's context menu or clicking folder name in full path: